Online Class: Solaris/Luminaire Upgrade 2 (8/30/22 at 1-4pm PST)

Online Class: Solaris/Luminaire Upgrade 2 (8/30/22 at 1-4pm PST)

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This is an online Zoom class. Please make sure you have Zoom downloaded and are familiar with how to join a Zoom class.

In this class we will be highlighting the new features of your Upgrade 2 for your Solaris or Luminaire! In this class we will discuss your new upgrade features like:

  • 6 new decorative fill patterns
  • 50 new embroidery designs
  • 5 quilt sashing patterns
  • 5 new “two color” quilt sash partners
  • 5 new hexagon quilt sashing patterns
  • End point sewing features, new small and extra small button hole patterns and many more!

Key features you will learn during class:

  • How to size and place the new Hexagon Embroidery design 
  • How to do the new Hexagon Quilt Sashing
  • How to use the end point sewing feature
  • How to use your NEW Magnetic Hoop to create a row of quilt-broidery

At the end of class, you will have a completed quilt sandwich with a hexagon embroidery design, hexagon quilt sashing featuring decorative stitches completed with your end point sewing. We will not be binding your quilt sandwich in class.

This class does not include a kit. A supply list will be sent to you once you are officially signed up for the class. Please be prepared to cut and sew your top panel before the class date.

This class is nonrefundable. This class includes exclusive online content provided through Facebook and Email. You can move to the another class date, if your schedule changes but there are not guaranteed full refunds for this class.