Online Class: Gnome Patch
Online Class: Gnome Patch

Online Class: Gnome Patch

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This is a Online Zoom Class

This class is at capacity, please join us on 2/4/21 for the next session

In this class we will be creating super cute gnome patches! Perfect for Valentine's Day! Gift these cute gnomes to your special someone. 

While creating these cuties you will learn key parts in IQ / My Design Center while also exploring what might be new-to-you features! Get more familiar with the different types of scanning, erasing, filling, how different fill properties change the look of your design and how to create an applique/patch! 

This class is three hours, class cost includes the .jpg & .png files needed to create this project.

This class is nonrefundable, it provides access to exclusive files and video content.

Please make sure you are comfortable downloading on a computer and are comfortable with embroidery on your machine.

Projects that will be completed in this class are: Gnome of Hearts and 2020 The Year We Stayed Gnome.