Scan N Cut Club: Introduction to Canvas (2/25/21)
Scan N Cut Club: Introduction to Canvas (2/25/21)

Scan N Cut Club: Introduction to Canvas (2/25/21)

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Join Michelle Gillmartin, Scan N Cut expert, in this fantastic class! You will be getting more familiar with navigating Canvas Workspace Online and the downloaded version on your computer. You will get more familiar with navigating the website and understanding where your upgrade kits are located and how to link your Canvas Workspace with your Scan N Cut. Michelle will explain the difference between the two Canvas platforms. By the end of this class you will better understand Canvas! 

Scan N Cut Club Classes are A La Carte. You can pick and choose what classes will help you build your skills to become a Scan N Cut Pro!

Our Disclaimer - Please read this before signing up:

  • You must have basic computer skills. Skills include downloading, how to create a folder, how to find a folder and how to left and right click.
  • You must be able to log into Canvas Workspace. You need a Username and Password already set up before class.
  • You must own a Scan N Cut machine.  Any model will work for this class, but the instructor is going to focus on the SDX Scan N Cut line.
  • You must have Canvas Workspace Downloaded to your desktop before class.
  • Once you sign up for this class there is no refund. You will receive a link to a Private Facebook Group as well as exclusive class information