Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray
Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray
Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray
Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray
Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray
Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray
Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray

Sebo Essential G1 Upright Vacuum - Gray

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The SEBO Essential G1 is a top of the line upright vacuum cleaner ideal for all cleaning settings. Whether you'll be using your vacuum for hotel service, building services, or just at home, the Essential G1 is the perfect vacuum for you. What sets the Essential G1 apart from other competitors is its versatility. This is a very maneuverable vacuum cleaner, and thanks to its nifty extension hose and wand, you'll practically be able to use this as a canister vacuum. Additionally, you'll be hard pressed to find a more user-friendly vacuum on the market today. Multiple indicator lights and an anti-clogging, self-preservation, automatic shutoff feature make this model simple to care for. 

Internally, the SEBO Essential G1 uses SEBO G FIlter Bags that hold .92 gallons of dirt and debris. The SEBO Essential G1 Exhaust Filter cleans the air emitted by the vacuums motor. Lastly, the SEBO Essential G S-Class Pre-Motor Filter absorbs 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This filter is made out of electrostatically charged micro-fiber material and are non-washable.

The Essential is equipped with an electric controller that works as a monitoring system for your SEBO vacuum. If there is a potential clog, worn brush, full bag or even if your brush-height is set at a level that offers less than optimal performance, your SEBO will alert you. The automatic shut-off feature will keep you from damaging your belt or motor and will allow for maximum performance of your vacuum for years to come.

Caring for vacuums can be difficult, but not when it comes to the Sebo Essential G1; the microfilters last longer and are easily changed. Filter bags feature a sealing cap to close up dirt so nothing leaks out when replacing. If you have a pet, the Essential G1 easily cleans and removes pet hair. At 16.9 lbs, it ranks as one of the lightest commercial upright vacuums on the market. This vacuum ships for free, so call us at 1-866-972-8227 and order yours today!
Some great features of the SEBO Essential G1 include:
  • Wand and Suction hose available for Instant-Use
  • On board upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush
  • Easy Brush removal and cleaning
  • 40 foot cord
  • 69 dB
The Essential G1 offers the total package for the frequent or professional cleaning person. 

SEBO Essential G1 suction wand and hose
Instant Suction Wand and Hose
The SEBO Essential G1 is a versatile upright that, thanks to its extension wand, allows you to clean hard-to-reach surfaces like tables and counter tops. Thanks to this nifty feature, this SEBO upright vacuum operates something like a canister.

SEBO Essential G1 Handle and Cord Wrap
Combination Handle with Cord Hook 
The Essential G1 handle with cord hook makes cleanup and storage of this upright a breeze. And with the hand cord hook, you don't have to worry about a tangled mess.

SEBO Essential G1 On-Board Tool Storage
On-Board Tools
One of the SEBO Essential G1's most convenient features is its on-board tool storage, which means you won't have to run back and forth to get certain attachments. Additionally, the large-capacity bag makes things easy because you won't have to change the bag frequently.

SEBO Essential G1 Brush Obstruction Indicator
Brush Obstruction Indicator
The brush obstruction indicator on the SEBO Essential G1 is a very useful feature that helps to prevent damage to the vacuum by automatically shut off in case of a clog to prevent internal damage.

SEBO Essential G1 brushroll maintenance
Easy Brushroll Maintenance
The SEBO Essential G1 is all about being as user-friendly as possible and thanks to the easy change brushroll feature, maintenance has never been more simple.

The SEBO Essential G1 is easy to maintain and fix.
Simple Upkeep 
Aside from the aforementioned easy change brushroll, the Essential G1 is very easy to maintain and keep in working condition. Most fixes are quite simple, so you won't have to worry about dragging this machine to a warranty center.
  • Twelve-inch Power Head Width
  • Three On-board Tools Included: Dusting Brush, Crevice Nozzle and Upholstery Nozzle
  • Instant-use Wand and Suction Hose
  • A Low 5 1/2-inch Profile
  • Four-level Manual Brush Height Adjustment
  • Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Shut Off
  • Incorrect Height Setting or Worn Brush Light
  • Easy Brush Removal and Cleaning
  • Bag Full or Clog Light with Automatic Shut Off
  • Soft Start Feature
  • Durable Matte Finish
  • Combination Carrying Handle with Rotating Cord Hook
  • Forty-foot Cord and Protective Rubber-coated Wheels
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Hospital-grade Filtration for Allergy and Asthma Relief
  • Excellent Pet Vacuum . . . Highly Effective Pet Hair Removal
  • Five-year Warranty