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Collection: Uprights

We carry high-quality, popular brands of uprights like Sebo, Miele, Riccar and Simplicity. These quality machines can help you keep your house clean for your family and pets. 

How do you know if an upright vacuum is for you?

Upright vacuum cleaners have been extremely popular. Their design makes it easy to push them on any surface. Consider some of these things when you look for an upright:

  • Since they use motorized brushes, they can be good for cleaning thick carpets and rugs
  • They can move from carpet to hard surfaces easily
  • You can be "upright" and no need to bend to clean your floor 
  • They are easy to put away because it's one streamlined piece 
  • They typically have a wider cleaning path
  • Sometimes upright vacuums are noisier than canister vacuum cleaners
  • They can be heavy so it can be difficult to carry up or down stairs
  • They can be hard to maneuver around hard to reach places like corners and narrow spaces 

If you'd like to see if a canister is right for you, click here.

A1 Vacuum & Sewing has grown to a top retailer for Miele, Sebo, Simplicity, Riccar and other vacuum brands. We're proud of these  accomplishments and it allows us to provide the best trained technicians in the area who provide comprehensive service, the absolute best deals in town and growing our community. Our buying power allows us to give you the best pricing, wide array of accessories and the best products available. 

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  • Riccar 30 Series Deluxe Upright - Model R30D.4 - MSRP $999

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  • Riccar 40 Premium Upright - Model R40P4 - MSRP $1,599

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  • Riccar Cordless Lightweight SupraLite Upright - Model R10CV - MSRP $699

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  • Riccar SupraLite Entry Upright - Model R10E - MSRP $299

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  • Riccar SupraLite Premium Upright - Model R10P - MSRP $699

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  • Riccar SupraLite Standard Upright - Model R10S - MSRP $499

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  • Sebo Dart Commercial-Quality, Upright Vacuum - White
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  • Sebo Felix 2 Premium, Rosso with ET-1 Power Head Upright Vacuum - Red/Gray
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