Why We Carry Miele Vacuums

Miele is known for beautifully-designed, high-quality vacuums. It offers different types of products for your home's needs. Take a look at the selection and you can choose which models will work for you, from bagless canisters, uprights, stick vacuums and more. And the best is that you'll get a strong warranty so your vacuum will be working for a long time.

And don't take our word for it, Chicago Tribune says so as well. Read more here.

What's right for you?

With or without a bag – or would you prefer the robot vacuum cleaner? Which model is the right one for you depends on your rooms and your personal preferences. Discover our range of floorcare appliances now.

Bagged canister vacuum cleaners

Our canister vacuum cleaners with filterbag combine exceptional cleaning performance with unique user convenience and first-class Miele quality. These ensure outstanding hygiene: The filterbag can be replaced without releasing any dust and is therefore completely hygienic. They're available in a full size or a lightweight version and lots of options!

Bagless canister vacuum cleaner

Hygiene matters – especially when it comes to bagless vacuuming. Our bagless canister vacuum cleaners provide an excellent standard of hygiene thanks to our innovative dust separation system. You will also love their unique user convenience and outstanding cleaning performance. Their first-class quality also means sustainability: The maintenance-free exhaust filters save on follow-up costs. These are quick and easy to empty!

Stick vacuum cleaners

With their compact design, these appliances are ideal for areas with a lot of furniture. Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaners are easily carried and need little storage space. The whole appliance is pushed along in front of you when vacuuming. These are easy to carry around!

Upright vacuum cleaners

Miele’s Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the specialist for robust and heavily used carpets. Thanks to a roller brush which can be switched off easily, it can also be used on hard floors. Like stick vacuum cleaners, this vacuum cleaner is pushed along in front of you. This is your go-to for large, heavy traffic areas and hard surfaces!

Cat & Dog Vacuums

If you have a pet at home, you know how challenging pet hair can be! You can get the best clean with a durable vacuum that you won't have to struggle with. Or replace every year. People won't even know you have a pet! Take a look here.

Let us help you in person! Visit our store and we'll give you a demo on any Miele vacuum.