Please see the common questions below.

Will I get a service estimate before repairs are started on my vacuum or sewing machine?

Yes! We will provide an overview of services that will be needed. We will give you a price estimate along with the parts that may be needed. Lastly, we will let you know how long it may take. 


Can I get my machine serviced in 1 day? 

Maybe, depending on the issues. We will need to see the machine and assess the repair. Sometimes a new bag, belt or filter fixes a vacuum and we can replace it on the spot. Other times, we may need to repair a part of the motor and that may require a longer time. If you need a comprehensive repair, requiring parts, we will let you know how long it may take, along with any rush charges if you need it quicker. 


Can you help me thread a needle, serger or put a bobbin in? 

Yes, If you bring the machine into the store, we can help you out. We also have a YouTube channel with videos that may help you and so you may want to view these first.