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Compact Digital Dual Feed Walking Foot, Babylock #BLSA-DDF

Compact Digital Dual Feed Walking Foot, Babylock #BLSA-DDF

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Compact Digital Dual Feed, Babylock #BLSA-DDF Details

The Compact Digital Dual Feed is smaller than the original Digital Dual Feed Foot. This foot makes it even easier to achieve consistent stitches and will keep the fabric feeding evenly for complete control, whether working with difficult-to-feed fabric or multiple, thick layers.

Optional additional soles:
Couching Foot #BLTY-CDF, Open Toe Sole #BLTY-OTDF, and Stitch-in-the-Ditch Sole #BLDY-SDDF.

Guaranteed to fit Babylock sewing machine models:
Altair BLTA, Aria BLAR, BLAE Aerial, BLBA Ballad, BLSA Solaris, BLSA2 Solaris 2, Chorus BLCH, Crescendo BLCR, Destiny BLDY, Journey BLJY, Unity BLTY

  • Presser Foot Type Walking Foot (Even Feed) Foot