Famore Mini Angled Straight Scissors 748S

Famore Mini Angled Straight Scissors 748S

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Mini Angled (Straight) Machine Embroidery Scissors 
(Angled Handle for Hand & Machine Embroidery, Straight Scissors)

These scissors are great for snipping threads while sewing, quilting & embroidery work, and keeping with your knit and crochet projects.

  • Perfect for trimming – trimming loose sewing, quilting, and embroidery threads - also dog-ears and lose fabric.
  • Controlled Cuts – Razor sharp edges allow you to trim threads closely, accurately, and quickly. 
  • Small Size – (4.5in) design allows for navigating closely with the embroidery machine to single out wanted threads.
  • Forged from German grade stainless steel and easy to keep clean.

A Great gift for every sewing basket & embroidery collection.