Scan N Cut Club: Canvas Workspace Fun; Inlaid Text (11/30/23 10:30-1:00pm PST)

Scan N Cut Club: Canvas Workspace Fun; Inlaid Text (11/30/23 10:30-1:00pm PST)

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In this class we are going to look at some of the features in the Canvas Workspace App. There are a few features in the app (Canvas Workspace for PC or macOS) that are not in the cloud based web application.

The features we will be looking at in the App in this class are:

  • Creating inlaid text. Horizontally, vertically, rotated and fit to a path.
  • The ability to access all the True Type Fonts that are loaded on your computer. Talk about fun with fonts! Dafont is a fun place to search for free true type fonts.
  • The ability to work with layers. This will allow us to move things around in the cutting order to achieve specific results.
  • Saving and/or Sending from the Canvas Workspace App.

Once we create a file we will be cutting it out in Siser Permanent PSA Easy Wed Vinyl. I used the Vinyl Auto Blade set for this class. This blade is designed to cut lightweight vinyl without cutting through the paper. Your standard (black cartridge) auto blade with cut through on half cut and a reduced pressure. 

Class fee is $30 and includes (1) 12" X12” sheet of Siser Permanent PSA vinyl, a piece of transfer film and a clear stadium bag.

You will need to load the app before class and be ready to log in. You will log in with the same credentials as your web based account.

Download here:

PREREQUISITE:  You should be somewhat familiar with Canvas Workspace and you must have taken “Get to Know Your Scan N Cut DX Series” prior to the class.

Vinyl Auto Blade Kits: There are 2 versions. The regular version and the Disney version. Both are identical other than the addition of 34 Disney designs. The upgrade comes with a light blue auto blade cartridge and a vinyl auto blade. The upgrade also adds the option for creating tiling scenes (designs that are wider than 12’’ and longer than 24” that require multiple cuts that fit together, weeding box function and 21 designs).

Vinyl Auto Blade Kit: CLICK HERE

Disney Vinyl Auto Blade Kit: CLICK HERE